what is a spirit box

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A 鈥淪pirit Box鈥?(also commonly referred to as Ghost Boxes) is the catchall term for amachine that is meant to pick up the verbal communications of spirits. Most of these are created from handheld AM/FM radios by disabling the part of the radio that stops when you hit a particular frequency.

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  • What is a spirit box and is it real?

  • A spirit box is a popular paranormal gadget which scans through the radio spectrum in the hopes that spirits can make their voices heard amongst the white noise and fleeting snippets of radio broadcasts.

  • What kind of radio do I need to make a spirit box?

  • A wide range of radios would work just fine, but for these particular procedures, you would need the 12-820 armband radio or the Sangean DT-200VX radio. If you are going to use the 12-820 armband radio, here is a short guide on creating a spirit box: Check the back of the radio and loosen the screws.

  • What is a Ghost Box and how does it work?

  • Ghost boxes allow you to be receptive of all spirits trying to communicate. Hence, both good and evil can come through. If something negative or evil does come through your spirit box, do your best to ignore it. Ghosts have no physical form and can鈥檛 harm you aside from words.

  • How do I get a ghost to respond to the spirit box?

  • Only certain Ghosts will respond via the Spirit Box, which can be used as Evidence when identifying the Ghost. To get a Spirit Box response from the ghost, the following is required: You must either be in the same room as the Ghost, or within 3 meters of it if not in the same room.