what is a box plot

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what is a box plot插图

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In simple words,we can define the box plot in terms of descriptive statistics related concepts. That means box or whiskers plot is a method used for depicting groups of numerical data through their quartiles graphically.

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  • What is a boxbox plot used for?

  • Box plots take less space as compared to density plots or histograms. It is used to show the shape of a distribution, central value, and its variability. It is not necessary that the median is in the middle of the box.

  • What are the numbers in a box plot?

  • Now, that we know how to create a Box Plot we will cover the five number summary, to explain the numbers that are in the tool tip and make up the box plot itself. First, the Five Number Summary is the Sample Minimum, the lower quartile or first quartile, the median, the upper quartile or third quartile and the sample maximum.

  • What is boxbox and whisker plot?

  • Box and whisker plot is one type of graphical representation which shows the five-number summary for the given set of data, such as minimum value, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, maximum value. We can easily identify the data location and data spread. Box and whisker plot shows the data outliers.

  • What is boxplot distribution in statistics?

  • Boxplot Distribution. The box plot distribution will explain how tightly the data is grouped, how the data is skewed, and also about the symmetry of data. Positively Skewed: If the distance from the median to the maximum is greater than the distance from the median to the minimum, then the box plot is positively skewed.