how to enter po box address on amazon

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How to put a PO Box address on Amazon?
Write the recipient’s name on the first line.Write the street address or post office (P.O.) box number on the second line.Write the city,state,and ZIP code on the third.
How do you locate a P.O. Box addre

can po box have street address

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A. StreetAddressing Service for your PO Box With this service,you will have the option of using the street address of this Post Office location for your mailing address in addition to your PO Box number. For example,if a Post Office is located on 500

can a po box be an address

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PO box isnot considered a physical addressbecause that is not where you live. The PO box is always situated in a post office, and you are not staying in a post office. The only way a PO box can be considered a physical address is when you use the add

how to write address of po box

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Postal Box addresses should contain:The addressee (first line)Postal Box number and station information (second line)Municipality name,province or territory,and postal code (third line)
Can I use PO Box address as my home address?
No. You can use i