how to wrap a box

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Wrap the box 1 section at a time. The box will be much easier to wrap if you break the process down into small steps. Wrap around the long sides of the box first. Then fold and tape the corners down on one end of the box. Repeat the process with the other end. Pull the wrapping paper over the sides of the box.

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  • How do you wrap a box with paper inside?

  • Use a piece of tape to attach the paper to the inside edge of the lid as pictured and repeat on the other side (just one piece now to hold in place). Step 3: Take the end sections and fold just like wrapping a regular box: 1. Bring the edges in and fold as pictured. 2. Make creases and fold the edges that stick up over the box as shown.

  • How much tape do you put on a box for wrapping?

  • You may use double-sided tape right along the inside edge of the paper or place matte gift wrap tape on the top edge, overlapping the paper and box. Either way, use about a 2 in (5.1 cm) length of tape. For a long box, use 2 or 3 pieces to hold the paper in place.

  • How to wrap a shoe box?

  • Wrapping a shoe box is as simple as slipping on a pair of new shoes. Before you get tangled in Sellotape, follow these simple steps. Choose the fabric or paper you want to use for wrapping your shoe box. If you鈥檙e planning to use the shoe box as storage, aim to choose a fabric or paper that matches the dcor of your room.

  • How much wrapping paper do you put in a shirt box?

  • Position the long side of the box parallel to the cut end of the wrapping paper, making sure the paper extends past either side of the gift box in this orientation. For a standard shirt box, you should leave about 4 to 5 in (10 to 13 cm) of paper on either short side. Deeper boxes will require more paper on either side.