how to take care of box braids

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How to Maintain and Take Care of Box BraidsMaintain your nighttime hair regimen. It is very easy to bask in the euphoria of the protection which braids promise and truly delivers. …Ensure that you moisturize your scalp as often as needed. Remember how you would spritz moisture into your natural hair? …Wash your braids once every two weeks. Many ladies are guilty of going weeks without washing their braids. …Avoid tying your hair up all the time. Constant up-dos can compromise the integrity of your hair edges. Avoid styles that involve pulling too tightly.Never wear your box braids beyond 8 weeks

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  • How long can you leave box braids in for?

  • While the extensions for your box braids will protect a lot of your hair from drying out, 6-8 weeks (which is the average amount of times that box braids are able to stay in without damaging your hair) is a long time. Something else that you might want to do is create a moisturizing spray that you can lightly spritz your hair and scalp with.

  • How to take care of your braids and roots?

  • 1 Wash your scalp with a foam cleanser once a week. Squeeze a dollop of foam cleanser onto a microfiber cloth. 2 Spray shampoo along your roots and braids to clean your hair. Take a sprayable shampoo and apply liberal amounts to your natural hair roots and box braids. 3 Take precautions when drying your hair. … More items…

  • What to do if your box braids are too fuzzy?

  • If all else fails and your box braids are looking fuzzier than you鈥檇 like before the eight weeks are up, you can always go for a hairline touch up. Since most people see only the perimeter of your braids, getting your hairline re-braided is an easy and quick way to get a salon-fresh look in record time.

  • How do you shampoo box braids?

  • Take a sprayable shampoo and apply liberal amounts to your natural hair roots and box braids. Dig with your fingertips to knead the product further into your braids. Once you鈥檝e finished spraying in the shampoo, rinse it out in the shower with warm or hot water.