how to style box braids

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To style box braids,start by pulling all of your braids back into a tight ponytail on the top of your head. Next,divide the braids into 6 to 8 sections and twist each section from the root to the ends. Finally,once you have several larger twists,pin them into any shape you like,such as a bun or a braided mohawk.

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  • What are box braids and how do you use them?

  • Think of each box braid as a thick strand of hair which you can weave, style, and shape into your favorite look. You can use box braids to create a simple bun or twist, or you can weave the braids into larger braids and arrange them in fashionable patterns.

  • How to make braids?

  • In creating your braids, the first thing that you should do is to create one box at a time. It can either be small, medium or large. Divide one hair section into three parts and braid it up to the end. Repeat this procedure until all the hair is braided.

  • What color should I wear with short box braids?

  • While most women lean towards longer styles for old school flair, short box braids deserve more credit. If you wear a bob hairstyle with relaxed or straightened hair, it can be easily replicated with your favorite braided look. A bright red color will quickly take the vibe of the classic style from chic to crazy cool.

  • What are the Best Hairstyles for women with braids?

  • Center-Parted Box Braids 45. Short Haircuts 46. Center-Parted Hairstyle 47. Box Braids Bun Hairstyles 48. Long and Flowing Braids 49. Blonde Braids 50. Pulled Back Style 51. French Braid Updo 52. Chignon Hairstyle 53. Let It All Hang 54. Messy Bun 55. Simple Hairstyle 56. Faux Hawk Braids 57. Joy Bryant Hairstyle 58. French Braid with Shaved Sides