how to play shut the box

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Here is a rundown of how Shut the Box is played. You can play alone or with friends. Groups of 2 or 4 people work best. The box starts with all spaces open. Players roll to see who goes first. The player with the highest number rolled starts the game. On their turn,each player rolls and covers the numbered spaces.

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  • What is shut the box and why should I play?

  • Shut the Box rules are easy to learn, the game is fast to play and exciting enough to keep everyone entertained while giving all players a fair shake at winning regardless of skill or sobriety. So, why not give it a go? The goal of the game is simple: Each player tries to close the most numbers on a scorecard by rolling a pair of dice.

  • How do you play shut the box pool?

  • As played traditionally in English pubs, Shut the Box is a gambling pastime with each of the players paying an agreed amount into the pool at the beginning and the winner collecting the pool at the end of each round. However, it isn’t necessary to gamble in order to play the game.

  • Who goes first in shut the box?

  • The person who rolls the highest number goes first. Here are detailed Shut the Box game rules: Each player starts their turn by rolling the dice. The player then adds up the dots facing up on the dice. The player may then choose any combination that makes up the number shown by the dice and covers the number spaces accordingly.

  • How do you score in shut the box?

  • Scoring And Winning in Shut The Box Scores are calculated towards the end of a player鈥檚 turn by adding up the values of the remaining standing tiles. If any player manages to drop all tiles and shut the box, the player becomes the obvious winner of the game. If no player is able to shut the box, the player with the lowest score wins.