how to make gift boxes with lights

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How to make a personalized gift box?

First, you’ll need to figure out how big you want your gift box to be. Once you’ve got those measurements down, you can get started on making your personalized gift box. Lay your cardboard pieces one by one over the green craft paper. The two larger pieces need to encompass the small piece. Ensure that there is at least 2 cm gap around the edges.

How can I make my gift boxes taller?

You can make your boxes taller by doubling the height to create an indoor or outdoor Christmas display that is as big or as small as you like! Keep in mind that light counts are only a recommendation and you an always add more for an even brighter glowing gift box! Note- In our step by step guide below, we made a 1′ box.

How do you decorate your Christmas boxes?

She put together some pieces of chicken wire to make her box, added some inexpensive clear Christmas lights, covered the boxes in a nice shiny fabric and topped the box off with a crisp Deco Poly Mesh bow. Kudos to Janie! – Be sure to drop by her Blog Typical Scrapbooker Crafts and say hello!

How tall do chicken wire frame lighted gift boxes need to be?

Use this chart as a guide to create chicken wire frame lighted gift boxes in perfect squares ranging from 1-3′. You can make your boxes taller by doubling the height to create an indoor or outdoor Christmas display that is as big or as small as you like!

1. Toilet paper roll gift boxes

Are you and your friends the kind of upcycling lovers that will take any chance to prepurpose regular household items that you possibly can rather than creating more trash and throwing things away that could be used again instead? Then we probably don’t have to tell you about how awesome empty toilet paper roll crafts are! Red Ted Art is here to show you that you can make them look pleasant and classy too with a little bit of folding, some paint, and some ribbon or string..

2. Folded four side card gift boxes

Are you a huge fan of the way that first idea we showed you folds in on the ends but you actually like it so much that you’d be interested to see whether making that fold on all sides is possible? Perhaps you just like the idea but you’d like to make it happen today and you don’t currently have any spare empty toilet paper rolls saved up.

3. Stunning layered cardboard, lace, pearl, and flower gift box

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making DIY and homemade gift box, would you rather go all out and make it incredibly special, like something the recipient might want to keep and continue to use? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how iCreative Ideas made this stunning closing box features layered tiers for different gifts and trinkets.

4. Unfolding cube box

Are you quite intrigued indeed by the idea of a cube shaped box but, because of the shape of the gift you’re giving, you’d rather one that has completely open space inside rather than one with compartments? Then here’s an awesome DIY alternative for you to take a look at! E-Woodworking Projects shows you how to make an awesome folding cube that opens at the top and is easily made in any colour or pattern of card stock or thick scrapbooking paper you please..

5. Cake shaped gift box

When it comes to birthdays, are you the kind of super enthusiastic celebrator that you’ll happy go all out with the adorable themed ideas no matter whose special day it is, just to make sure they have a happy time? Then we have a feeling you might be the perfect person to give this awesome cake box idea a try! Alanna Jones-Mann guides you step by step through the process of “icing” a circular box so it actually looks like a miniature cake with a present inside..

6. Wood and decor shavings gift box

Probably the best part of making your very own gift boxes is that you can customize them to the aesthetic you’re looking for, so if you’re looking for something that’s a little more rustic chic inspired but you haven’t quite found it yet, don’t fret! JS Events is here to show you how to make an adorable wooden crate inspired box filled with decorative shavings that mimix the way hay might fill a crate on the farm.

7. Paper pyramid gift box

Are you very intrigued indeed with these geometric folded box ideas but, as much as you appreciate the cube shaped designs, you can’t help wondering whether there might be gift boxes you can make in other shapes too? Then we think you’ll be very pleased if you take a read through this folded box tutorial from Lines Across! They show you how to make a similar design but folded a little differently so the finished project is a pyramid instead of a cube..

Supplies for a Gift Box

Here’s an exhaustive list of all the supplies that you’ll need for this DIY project. Go ahead and gather your supplies to begin.

How to Make a Gift Box

The key to making this DIY gift box is to get the measurements right. First, you’ll need to figure out how big you want your gift box to be.

What Can You Use This Gift Box For?

There’s absolutely no end to the number of ways to use this gift box. You can fill it up with little knick-knacks, party favors, confetti, and even candy. They’re the perfect gifts for friends, your mom or sisters!

How to Make a Gift Box

Make your very own gift box with craft paper and cardboard. It’s a fun DIY project for teens and adults that will make any DIY gift more special.