how to hide transformer box in yard

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Using astone or brick wallis another popular way to hide transformer boxes in your yard. The stones and bricks can be used to create a beautiful pattern that will add character, depth, and interest to your yard while hiding the eyesore of ugly electrical boxes. Perhaps use a combination of hedging and stone to disguise the electrical boxes.

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  • How do you hide a transformer in a fence?

  • Picket fencing that is as tall as the transformer can hide the box from view and add charm to the yard. For an even more decorative look, put up lattice panels around the transformer or build a wooden box to slip over it.

  • How do you hide a utility box in your front yard?

  • Another way to hide utility boxes in your front yard, especially those huge electrical transformer boxes, is to add a corner fence and plant bushes and flowers around the fence. AC units are bulky and they need a lot of airflow to work efficiently, so they can be difficult to hide.

  • How do you decorate around a transformer box?

  • Consider placing a large boulder or other decorative rock in front of the transformer box. Add other smaller boulders and gravel to create a rock garden around the transformer. A large garden statue or fountain in front of the transformer also takes attention away from the box.

  • How do I install landscaping around a power transformer box?

  • Every power transformer box has the phone number of the utility company that owns it printed on its exterior. Call the company for specific guidelines on how to install landscaping around the box. Use pressure-treated wood or other rot-resistant lumber to build a lattice screen.