how to gift wrap a box

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How to Wrap a Box PresentGather SuppliesPrepare Your Present. Remove or black out price tag. …Prepare Wrapping AreaMeasure Wrapping Paper – Top/Bottom. …Measure Wrapping Paper – Sides. …Cut Wrapping Paper. …Wrap the Top and Bottom of Present. …Wrap the Sides of Present. …Finishing Touches (Optional) Place the present top-up. …Present Your Present. …

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  • How do you wrap a gift that doesn’t fit in a box?

  • Here are some simple tips for wrapping presents that don’t fit a standard box: Wine Bottle: Wrap tissue paper around the bottle, taping the seam with a small piece of invisible tape. Fold paper in to cover the bottom as neatly as possible and tape into place with more tape or a decorative sticker.

  • How do you wrap a large box?

  • Wrap the box 1 section at a time. The box will be much easier to wrap if you break the process down into small steps. Wrap around the long sides of the box first. Then fold and tape the corners down on one end of the box.

  • How do you wrap a Christmas present with paper?

  • Cut the wrapping paper into a rectangle based on the marks. It’s okay if you cut it too big. You can cut off the excess paper in later steps. Center the present, top-down, on the paper you just cut. Fold one end of the paper over the bottom of the present. Tape the paper to the present. Take the other side of the paper and fold in about 1/2 inch.

  • How do you wrap tissue paper for a gift bag?

  • Use lots of tissue paper to line the bag (letting it pop out of the bag), insert your gift, then cover the top with more tissue paper. Specialty Papers: If you’re using a glitter paper or a piece of heavy decorative paper, make sure to use a super sticky tape to wrap your gifts.