how to clean a litter box

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  • How often should you clean out your cat’s litter box?

  • If you’re scooping the box out on a daily basis, there’s a chance you might have lost some of the litter, either because it stuck to your cat’s waste or because it simply spilled out during cleaning or use. Topping off your cat’s litter every few days can help keep the box clean and appealing to your cat.

  • How do you clean a smelly litter box?

  • You can make an effective cleaning agent by scrubbing baking soda and a little warm water on all inside surfaces of the litter box. Make sure that you rinse away all of the soap. Your cat may not use the box if it smells like soap or detergent.

  • Why does my cat refuse to use the litter box?

  • There are many reasons cats refuse the litter box. Sometimes the solution is as simple as adding another box and keeping them clean. If your cats do their business in the box, where they are supposed to, this will keep the litter box area clean. 3. Cats prefer unscented, naturally clumping litter

  • How much litter should I put in my litter box?

  • Don鈥檛 fill the box all the way. Instead, fill enough to last one week. That way you aren鈥檛 wasting litter, and the box stays clean. Fill about 3-4 inches in a pyramid-type mound shape in the middle of the box.