how many cups of rice chex are in a box

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What is the principle of walking through walls?

A simple principle governs all walking through walls tricks — the magician must get under, over or around the wall in some way quickly enough to appear to have passed directly through the wall.

What is a buzz saw?

Just as David Copperfield drew on an age-old trick to create something more spectacular when he vanished a national landmark, the modern buzz saw trick is a variation on an old standard. Magicians have been sawing their assistants in half for nearly 100 years.

Why did Copperfield use shadow boxes?

Copperfield used shadow boxes to conceal his “entry” and “exit”. Between the time he entered the shadow box on one side and the time he exited on the other side, the audience saw only his silhouette disappearing into the wall and then emerging from the other side.

What is the purpose of plexiglass in shark cages?

Plexiglass has a refraction index very similar to that of water and is so nearly invisible in water that it’s used to reinforce shark cages without interfering with the “up close and personal” experience.

What is the most copied illusion?

The Zig Zag Lady. The Zig Zag Lady, in which a woman steps into a cabinet and then the midsection is pushed out of alignment with the rest of the cabinet, made the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005 as the world’s most-copied illusion .

What was David Blaine known for?

Before David Blaine became famous for his feats of endurance , he was best known for dazzling street magic.#N#One of his most popular tricks involved a variation on the old “is this your card” trick. After a volunteer selected a card, showed it around and then mixed it back into the deck, Blaine would hurl the cards at a nearby plate-glass window. The cards would fall to the ground, but one would appear to stick to the window. A closer investigation would reveal that it was actually on the OTHER side of the glass.

What is the lower part of a magician’s table?

The lower part, however, is a collection of riggings and secret compartments. Tiny stop blocks prevent the blade from actually reaching the magician’s neck, and a trap door in the table allows the magician’s head and shoulders to drop out of sight as the blade strikes.

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