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How to adopt a boxer from a rescue?

If you’re looking to adopt a Boxer from a rescue, ask them if they have their medical history. Feed them a healthy diet. Food is the best preventative medicine, so make sure you choose a nutritious food without fillers or preservatives. Adding fresh food on top of their kibble is also great for longevity!

How long do boxers live?

Most Boxers live between 9 and 12 years. Of course each dog’s lifespan will vary based on a number of factors, but 9-12 is a reasonable age range to expect. You’ll notice that their lifespan is a little shorter than other breeds that can live upwards of 17-20 years – this is because the Boxer is highly prone to cancer.

How to make a dog happy?

Exercise them daily! Daily exercise is so important not only for your dog’s health, but their happiness too! A tired dog is a happy dog, so don’t skip those daily walks to the park. Visit your vet on a regular basis.

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