how many cups in kraft mac and cheese box

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The Step Aerobic Step-Up Box – Best Step-Up Box Overall

This step-up box is of commercial quality and used in many fitness classes. It’s sturdy and lightweight and has rubber skids to keep it from slipping. The platform cushion is available in various colors.

BalanceFrom Foam Plyometric Step-Up Box – Runner-Up

This step-up box lets you step up your game when it comes to CrossFit, body jumps, or other types of workouts that let you improve balance and ensure a toned body.

The Step Original Aerobic Step-Up Platform – Honorable Mention

This step-up box is durable and supports up to 275 lbs when not extended. Upon extension, it can support up to 550 lbs of weight and rise to a height of 6 inches.

KLB Sport Adjustable Aerobic Step-Up Box

Keeping other pros aside, one of the major benefits of this step-up box is large people who are conscious about breaking the box can use it easily. It’s an all-around accessory for home and workout classes.

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