how many condoms come in a lifestyle box

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What is a Zener diode?

A zener diode is used to prevent the STB from shor circuit. if in case we uses 12 Volt DC adaptor by mistake then this zener diode will burn out to prevent the STBs next circuit.

What is STB in TV?

In simple words A hardware device which demodulate or decode the signal of headend and provides the output known as STB or Set Top Box. It is small compact user end device which enable the user to view the services in a proper manner. These services can be Digital Television Service and Internet Service.

What is STB front panel?

A STBs front panel is connected to this port. The front panel is different PCB which is connected to this port. Which control the remote functions of stb because a remote sensor is mounted there. Also front panel PCB plate is responsible for touch button functions of stb.

What is the function of CPU in STB?

CPU: CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. CPU is responsible to perform different functions of stb from booting. It gives audio output and video output. The audio output goes into the audio ic first then it goes into the A/V section of STB. The video output goes into the A/V section of stb.

What is RS 232 port?

RS 232 Port is used to upgrade the release of STB. A USB to RS 232 port cable is used to connect this port to the Laptop and upgrade the software of STB. Whenever a new network is setup then we use Test release to upgrade a particular STB.

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