how many club lengths behind tee box

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How much wire is needed for a light fixture box?

From several sources I have come to understand that there needs to be 6 inches of wire extending from the front edge of an outlet box, light fixture box or junction box for the box to be properly prepared for the rough-in inspection. including the depth of the box, that makes 8 to 9 inches of wire, per cable that enters the box, that has to be folded and stuffed into the box. the more cables entering the box the more this becomes an issue.

How far from the cable sheath must conductors extend?

The NEC (300.14) requires at least 6" of free conductor, measured from the point where the conductor emerges from the cable sheath or raceway, and also the conductors must extend at least 3" from the opening in the box, if any dimension of the opening is less than 8".

Can you shorten a wire after a wire inspection?

You cannot shorten the compliant wires to less than required after the inspection. At this point you are now non-compliant and a spot check of the devices during the final inspection is no time to fail an inspection, especially when you will be forced into fishing new wire.

Can you run a light fixture into a switch?

With a light fixture, nothing needs to go into the box except the wires (more room!). So run power to the light fixture instead of to the switch. Just run one wire to the switch. If you have a bunch of wires which need to connect to each other, use a junction box in an accessible place like attic or basement.

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