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How does graze work?

Graze is a subscription website which sends out a wide variety of healthy snacks to its members through the mail. Boxes are sent either once a week or every other week based on user options, and each box contains four randomly chosen snacks which are uniquely customized to the individual. Dietary preferences, a rating system, and a specialized algorithm affect which snacks are included within each box. Many online reviewers appreciated the convenience of receiving healthy, tasty snack boxes in the mail, while others have complained that it is difficult to cancel the service once it has started and the price is too high in relation to portion sizes.

What is graze box?

Graze is a subscription based web-service that delivers healthy snack boxes to customers via old-fashioned snail mail. The company was founded about six years ago in the United Kingdom and has recently launched a service in the United States. The marketing appeal seems to be in the convenience, healthiness (avoid the vending machine at work), and surprise randomness of the snacks. There are roughly 100 available snacks which are divided into eleven categories. Each box sent out to clients contains four random snacks. Users have some control over which snacks they receive through selectable dietary preferences and a rating system. These ratings and preferences are then customized into random snack selections for every box using an algorithm which the company calls D a RWIN.

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