do you need a box spring with a platform bed

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do you need a box spring with a platform bed插图

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do not need a box spring

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  • What is the difference between a box spring and a platform bed?

  • A box spring is a type of bed base that can be placed on a bed frame. While both a platform bed and a box spring are bed bases, a platform bed is also a bed frame. When shopping for a new mattress, many are confused about whether or not they need to buy a platform bed or box spring, and sometimes forget to buy one altogether.

  • Do you need a box spring to support a bed frame?

  • Without the box spring, most frames are not strong enough to support the mattress and distribute its weight. For platform beds or adjustable beds, you won’t need a box spring. These support systems are designed to support you and the mattress without the box spring component.

  • What are the alternatives to Box Springs for mattresses?

  • Box springs are not the only option that offers support to your mattress. Some of the alternatives to box springs are: Platform beds, bed slats, adjustable beds and no-foundation underneath your mattress.

  • Can you put a box spring directly on the floor?

  • You can set a box spring directly on the floor, but many prefer to place their box spring inside a bed frame with with mattress resting on top. This elevates the bed’s overall height, making it easier to get on and off the mattress, and the area beneath the frame can serve as bonus storage space.